Building Minds With Chess wins a prize at Cannes Film Festival

The short movie Building Minds with Chess won Programers award at Diversity in Cannes short film category. The short movie is about Grandmaster Pontus Carlsson and the benefits of chess as an excellent tool for shaping the brain of young people. Our movie directed by Dr Ken Mask and Marshall Woodworth was higly praised by the audience and our screening got a standing ovation. The oscar winner Fisher Stevens was one of the well known actors in the audience. As he was there to watch our movie and to get a game against Grandmaster Pontus Carlsson. The game ended in a draw!

GM Pontus Carlsson and The Oscar winning actor/producer Fisher Stevens having a game
The Board members Matthew Dillon, GM Pontus Carlsson and MD Greg Ward receiving the award
Grandmaster Pontus Carlsson taking on a young challenger at La Croisette
GM Pontus had alot of challengers at La Croisette
Dr Ken Mask, GM Pontus Carlsson and Matthew M Dillon were enjoying both the film festival and the good weather.
Grandmaster Pontus Carlsson had some tense games against the actor Warren Burke known from the movie Dead for a Dollar among others. Warren who is an avid chess player got so interested in Business Meets Chess & Kids that he ended up playing in our Chess 2 Change tournament.
GM Pontus Carlsson at the legendary Le Palais in Cannes
GM Pontus Carlsson with a young fan
The Business Meets Chess & kids board member Greg Ward and GM Pontus Carlsson having a game at the Ritz Carlton Hotel