Chess for inclusion in Norway

Together with The Norwegian Chess Federation we are running a project in Oslo called chess for inclusion where we create a series of social and inclusive chess events in the innercity communities.

An important part of the project is that some of the teenagers engaged in our program gets the chance to get a job.

Saad have been doing two simul exhibitions at the Deichman Library in Stovner and at the shopping Mall Stovner Senter, one was a tandem simul together with the TV presenter Maud Rødsmoen who also plays in the Norwegian National Team.

One of the challengers in the simul was the CEO of FERD Morten Borge. FERD is also Sponsoring Saad and paying for his school fees so he can study at the Norwegian School of Elite Sports where he has GM Simen Agdestein as his teacher.
Next event is on August 27 12 noon to 4pm Central European Time when Norways nr 2 GM Aryan Tari will come to Stovner Senter for a simul. Come and watch it.