Cross Culture Girls March

African Online Champion under 9 Elisabeth Cassidy is ready for the March trainings

Next two sessions will be:
1) March 13th at 11 am US Eastern Time. When we will welcome the Swedish, legendary Grandmaster and two folded European Champion, Pia Cramling that will share her knowledge with all of you in a Masterclass. There will also be a tournament.

Grandmaster Pia Cramling

2) March 19th at 12.00 noon US Eastern Time. We will be joined by the “Queen of Qatwe” Phiona Mutesi that will talk about her life and chess career. If you have not yet seen the Walt Disney Movie Queen of Qatwe you should! since it is really good.

Phiona Mutesi in action with her coach Robert Katende watching
Photo: Carlos Illardo


We remind all girls about the homework to March 19th

1. To try to increase your playing rating on with 100 points.

2. To try to increase your puzzle rating on with 200 points.

3. To play against a minimum of 5 other members of the Cross Culture Girls program.