Ingrid & Ariza won in Oslo

Ingrid and Ariza in action!

On November 19th, Business Meets Chess & Kids was organized at Ullevål Soccer Stadium. Business executives from various companies participated and supported the event by playing tandem chess together with kids from Oslo´s inner-city communities.

Team Dacon with Ariza Hina & Ingrid Dahl won the tournament after beating Ferd 1 with Morten Borge & Saad Abobaker in the exciting final.

Morten Borge & Saad Abobaker

Ferd along with CEO Morten Borge will sponsor Saad in his endeavor to become a Grandmaster. The sponsorship will preliminary be for a  minimum duration of 3 years and it will cover training, tournament expenses as well as his school fees at Norwegian School of Elite Sports! This is a perfect illustration of how meetings across the chessboard can be life changing!