Networking in Oslo!

Last week we gathered our partners and participants from the Norwegian business community for a fun social evening with chess and networking at FERDs Headquarter in Oslo. On the program apart from socializing was a nice dinner, a tough quiz made by Askild Bryn and a tandem chess tournament where the players were alterning the moves.

The World Champion Magnus Carlsen came to enjoy and play some games even thou he was jetlagged after his US trip where he won the FXT Crypto Cup in Miami.
The Atmosphere was great
The TV2 crew with the Chess Experts, Grandmaster Jon Ludvig Hammer & the FIDE Master Maud Rodsmoen were enjoying themselves.
So was the Arctic Founder Petter Bakken, who is an avid chessplayer. Here in pair with one of our talented youngsters the Norwegian International Noam Vittenberg.
In the tandem chess tournament there was many tough games. Here Team SEB with the CEO of SEB Norway John Turesson and the Norwegian Champion 2021 Kristian Stuvik Holm against Team Agdestein with the legendary Simen Agdestein and Arne. Watching is The TV host Kaja Snare who is actual as the host for The Meltwater Chess Tour.
The basketball player and economist Roy Nwachukwu who grew up in an innercity community enjoyed to play some games of tandem chess, here in pair with Petter Yran.
Its not always easy to remember whos turn it is, but it is alot of fun here with Cathrine Bruvold from KPMG and
The Winners of the Tandem Chess Tournament Morten Borge CEO of FERD and the entrepreneur Olga Dolzhikova. The won a chessboard signed by Magnus Carlsen.
The quiz was fun
but hard…
After many discussions and laughs we had a winner.
and the quiz winners Simen, Shattik, Arne and Aryan all won a watch from Von Doren.
Well done!
The quizmaster Askild Bryn
The business people who did not know how to play got a rapid course by our instructors, here we can see Mohammad teach Tom the founder of the impact investing firm Norselabs.
Chess training with coach Hamdan!
The Head of CSR for 4service Tone H learned how to play during the evening.
The warm up game between GM Pontus Carlsson and the CEO of FERD Morten Borge was a draw so that the preparations could continue.

We are looking forward to se everyone again at Business Meets Chess & Kids Oslo that will be arranged on November 4 at Økern Portal. Dont miss it!