Our Cross Culture Girls program expands!

We are happy to announce that we have now expanded our program so that it does not only engage girls from The US and Kenya no, now also all chess playing girls from Uganda, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi and Tanzania can join our Cross Culture Girls program 😃

What is our Cross Culture Girls Program

It is a online program that we run in partnership with Lighthouse Chess Club and US Chess Women. The program offers free chess training lead by female top players and cross cultural sessions where the girls interact and learn from each other.

Goals with the program

  • To through the help of chess create a cultural exchange between the girls.
  • A mutually beneficial exchange that will lead to female empowerment, inspiration, improved chess skills, new experiences, and new friends.

What is needed to join

The girls need to have an internet connection plus a device that allows them to connect to be able to follow the classes/ play the tournaments.

For the girls that have attended our sessions and tournaments plus joined our chess club at chess.com there have been some nice rewards not just in terms of alot of fun, increased skills (many have increased their online ratings with more then 200 points) and new friends but also new physical chess boards and Diamond memberships at Chess.com

How to join

For questions or to sign up for the program please contact Mrs. Judith Kiragu +254 721485493 judy.kiragu@fortemcltd.com