Saad won Zero Requiem 2023 Invitational

Saad just performed a Houdini like escape against Jonathan Tops from Sweden

The Norwegian talent Saad Elmi won the rapid online tournament Zero Requiem 2023 Invitational. It was alot of fun and the players were a great mix of young talents that are engaged in our programs and adult supporters from the whole world.

Top 3 was

1 Saad Elmi Norway 2. Robert Mcligeyo Kenya 3. Marek Religa Sweden

Perpetual Ogbiyoyo from Nigeria did well with a top 10 finish

Perpetual was happy with her 8th place

For some of the players this was their first chess tournament ever. One of them was the founder of Zero Requiem Ruben Harris who did very well and won 3 games and ended up as number 22 out of 40 players. Ruben was very excited and he is already training for the next tournament Zero Requiem April Invitational that will be held on April 28th, 10.30am – 1.30pm US Eastern Time. Contact us on if you are interested to participate or support the kids.

Ruben Harris the Founder of Career Karma and Zero Requiem Chess Club had alot of fun
The players also had the luxury to get their games commentated by GM Peter Svidler who has been one of the best players in the world for the last 30 years. His commentary with FM Prince Daniel Mulenga from Zambia was very entertaining and Prince even admited afterwards that he was starstrucked. Although it was a great duo that we hope to see more of. A big shoutout also to NM Robert Ramirez who managed to both stream his games on his Twitch Channel and to make some good moves in his games.
Erika from Kenya won on time against Nii from the US
Mohammed Ali from Azerbadjan and Sujana from the US and our Cross Culture Girls program had a tough game.

We would like to thank all participants and our prize sponsors Chessable and Jennifer Shahade who sponsored with her new book Play like a Champion

See you all on April 28th!