Business Meets Chess & Kids in Gothenburg!

On Friday April 29th we will host a tandem chess tournament with the goal to facilitate integration at the shopping mall Nordstan, in Gothenburg, Sweden. The concept is that each child from an inner-city community gets paired up with a business executive or a celebrity to play tandem chess (alternating the moves) in a tournament.

   The Hiphoper Promoe and Khadija in action

Event description

Business Meets Chess & Kids in Gothenburg is an event to facilitate integration and work against segregation in society by using chess as a bridging tool. Chess can be played by everyone regardless of background or socioeconomic status, as the event highlights.

The main event is a tandem chess tournament where a business executive is paired with a child from the inner city communities in a team where they alternate moves (without discussion). The event is being held publicly at the Shopping mall Nordstan. This time the participants are Business Executives from companies like Geely, Volvo Cars, Uni3 by Geely, Thunderful Group, Länsförsäkringar, Finwire, SPP, SBP Nordic, and Business Region Gothenburg. The artist Promoe will also participate.


There will also be a pre-event between 2 and 3PM Central European Standard time (CEST),  where the Swedish International Arvin Rasti, will challenge the audience in blitz games. Arvin Rasti will get 90 sec for the whole game, and the challenger gets 5 minutes. No increments.