GM Pontus Carlsson in Africa!

During the last weeks GM Pontus Carlsson was finally able to visit some of the African youths enrolled in our programs again after the pandemic. He first went to Kenya and is currently in Namibia. GM Pontus got to meet with many of the girls from the Cross Culture Girls program aswell as the kids engaged in Chess2Change and the families in the extreme makeover program. GM Pontus told us that he was very happy to meet all the kids, their families and the program coordinators in person.

He also travelled with 70kg of carefully selected Chessbooks that he was able to hand out to the kids enrolled in the Chess2Change program. Now the kids will be able to work on their game with their new books.

Two Champs! Winnie is African Champion under 10 and Nathaniel is only 6 years old but already Kenyan Champion under 8. They were very happy to get some new chess books and some new clothes.
Robert was very happy to tell the GM about his first Chess Olympiad in India where he represented Kenya. And from their tough blitz encounters it is very clear that Roberts play has improved alot. GM Pontus was very impressed over his improvement.
Mercy Ingado got to play a couple of games with the GM and she also got a brand new green chess set plus a bunch of chessbooks and a internet connection + diamond membership at so she can study and play chess online. A good step on her way towards her dream of becoming a Grandmaster.
The Kenyan u12 Champion Bernice Wambui was very happy to play some games against the GM. She also got some new nice clothes, books and alot of tips on how she can improve her game.
GM Pontus also got the chance to visit Mangu High School where Isaiah Otieno is currently studying. There he got to meet with the principal Mr. John Kuria and of course to hand over some chess books to Isaiah.
Together with the local coordinator Mr Githinji Hinga the GM was able to visit some of the extreme makeover families to see how they were doing plus to hand over some clothes and food.
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