Magnus Carlsen & Business Meets Chess & Kids in Oslo

We had a very successful event at FERDs Headquarter in Oslo. The worlds best chessplayer GM Magnus Carlsen played together with his girlfriend Ella Malone and we were all surprised over how well Ella plays. The team finished 3rd in the tournament after loosing the semi final. Winners was GM Simen Agdestein and Abdirizak Elmi who beat Team FERD with the CEO of FERD Morten Borge and Saad Elmi in the final.

A big thankyou to FERD, the commentator GM Jon Ludvig Hammer and all participants for an excellent evening with chess and networking.

The Winners GM Simen Agdestein and Abdirizak Elmi
GM Hammer commentating and exciting game between Team Carlsen & Team Howell
Team FERD vs Team Agdestein
GM David Howell was having fun