Zero Requiem 2023 Invitational

Sunday December 17th is the day we have all been waiting for since then the online tournament Zero Requiem 2023 Invitational will be played. The players will be a mix of kids engaged in Business Meets Chess & Kids programs, adults and business executives like Ruben Harris who is the Founder of Zero Requiem Chess Club. Commentary will be done by Grandmasters like the Super Grandmaster Peter Svidler. The Tournament will be streamed 10.55am – 1.30pm US Eastern Time on our twitch channel. Watch it here!

Tournament Form: Online, 6 rounds, 10 minute games


Prizes: GM Lessons, Diamond Memberships, Chessable Memberships and Jennifer Shahades last book Play Like a Girl are up for a grab.

To sign up as an adult

If you would like to play then please email us on

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May the best player win!